In a series of workshops and seminars, we have identified key objectives and prioritised actions that are crucial for reaching the goals of EBA250.


The EBA250 network includes organisations from both the public and private sectors - a collaboration of more than 250 participants.


EBA250 is a unique platform for key stakeholders throughout the entire battery value chain and provides insights and business opportunities.

Building a European battery industry

The future is electric. In the massive migration from fossil to electric, the availability of capable batteries is a major issue. The need for efficient batteries – for transport, power and industrial applications – is growing fast and at an increasing pace.

The European Commission launched the European Battery Alliance in October 2017 to address this industrial challenge. The annual market value is estimated at €250 billion from 2025 onwards. For Europe, the establishment of a complete domestic battery value chain is imperative for a clean energy transition and a competitive industry.

The industrial development programme of the European Battery Alliance, the EBA250, is managed by InnoEnergy. Today, EBA250 is a project-driven community which brings together more than 250 industrial and innovation actors, from mining to recycling, with the common objective to build a strong and competitive European battery industry.

A European Value Chain

Our goal:
Build a strong pan-European battery industry to capture a new market worth 250B€/year in 2025.

A unique ecosystem

An independent
meeting place

More than 250 members throughout the value chain have joined EBA250. The members come from the industrial, academic and financial worlds, from mining to recycling.

Project Driven

Our actions’ DNA:
Competitiveness, sustainability, significant impact, objective focus, urgency, concrete, project-driven, sharing, investment.

InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). InnoEnergy has been entrusted by the European Commission to drive forward and promote the EBA250 activities. InnoEnergy’s role in the European Battery Alliance is to provide background data and to define key questions, recommendations and actions. InnoEnergy also supports the establishment of a European battery ecosystem by providing EBA250 workshops, a meeting place for key stakeholders along the entire value chain.

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